A constant positioning at “the heart of change”. A team guided by strong values.

Be result oriented

  • Prefer a pragmatic approach rather than being purely academic
  • Avoid the syndrome of “the operation is a success but the patient is dead”
  • Assist customer until results official recognition, recording and tracking in company accounts

Provide a selective support

  • Focus on complex and highly impacting issues, thanks to an advanced business knowledge
  • Avoid “massive” support

Understand practices through in-depth analysis

  • Launch in-depth analysis using specific tools (maturity grid, sampling…)
  • Identify demonstrative quick-wins actions

Challenge existing practices and defend convictions

  • Challenge at each step, with a rigorous approach
  • Accelerate analysis by using proven methodologies
  • Defend convictions to move established old practices

Be on the field “at the heart of change”

  • Interact directly with operational teams
  • Concentrate on capturing real issues and good ideas that experts are perfectly familiar with
  • Partners or experienced directors are personally involved in each assignment

Work in partnership with customers

  • Co-produce to ensure recommendations buy-in by project and operational teams
  • Ensure know-how transfer and train people to good behaviors and best practices

Use communication as a major change lever

  • Organise the  3 steps of communication: launching communication, teaching communication, and celebration communication

Accept that change takes time

  • “Rome wasn’t built in a day”: define work-packages, prioritize, and plan change steps
  • Keep tenacity and endurance through implementation of change levers